Adopt - a - Spot

The weather has been perfect for using the Latah Trail. No matter what time of day I use the trail, it seems like there are always people biking, walking, rolling or taking pictures along this stretch of the Palouse. 

All of these people and their variety of activities help make the Latah Trail special. Thankfully, we have a well-kept path and places along the trail where we can rest and learn about our history. The Latah County Parks and Recreation does an excellent job of caring for most of the trail. We could, however, use some trail-user energy to put ‘icing on the cake’, so to speak. Some of the bench and sign areas need weeds and grass to be pulled.

Each area is marked on the Latah Trail Map found below. Almost all of these areas are easily accessible by foot from a nearby road. If 13 people, organizations or families adopted a bench, sign, or section our trail would look even better than it already does. The Latah Trail will post your name on our website. There will be no glamorous trail sign that will identify the care that these people will show. Bench, sign or section adopters will, however, receive unlimited good feelings from going above and beyond.


Adopt a spot for one year or ten years. Just let us know what area you have chosen, and who we can recognize on our volunteer website page. Then, on your ride between Troy and Moscow, remember to bring a pair of work gloves or pruning shears to clean up your adopted area.


Thanks everyone for all of your hard work! This trail wouldn’t be possible without you.


Adopt-a-Spot Program Participants:

Sigma Tau Gamma, WSU Chapter, has adopted the Eastman Acres section of the Latah Trail. 
Air Force ROTC Detachment 905, WSU has adopted the Jeff Martin Memorial Pavilion section of the Lartah Trail.
Delta Chi, WSU Chapter, has adopted Wallen Rd Bridge section of the Latah Trail from underpass to Howell Rd. 
Phil & Charlotte Riersgard, have adopted the memorial bench at section 6 on the map. 
  1. Weeds are growing around dedication signs.
  2. The area around this bench is okay, but pulling a few weeds would make it look even better.
  3. There is a lot of grass growing through the bench.
  4. The bench, sign, and dedicated tree areas all need to have grass pulled around them.
  5. This bench looks good.
  6. Pulling a few weeds from underneath this bench would make it look even better.
  7. There is a sign here that has some unsightly grass -- adopted by Sandra Knutsen, thank you!
  8. This bench is on top of bricks, and thus it looks really good.
  9. There is a bench and a sign here. The bench doesn’t look too bad but the sign could use some grass pulled around it.
  10. The area around this bench needs quite a bit of work. There is a lot of grass growing up through the bench. A pruning shears might be helpful for the thicker shrubs that are protruding into the area.
  11. Grass is growing up through this bench.
  12. There is some grass that could be pulled around this bench.
  13. There is some grass that could be pulled around this bench.