Results - networked system

2013 Latah Trail Foundation survey results:

Future Vision for the Latah Trail and Trails in the Greater Palouse Region

In November of 2013, the Latah Trail Foundation administered an online and paper survey designed to gather data on trail usage and community members’ vision for the Latah Trail and trails in the Greater Palouse region. This summary reports on the question: “Please share with us your future vision for the Latah Trail and trails in our region”.

As of January 18, 2013, 103 people had responded to the survey. Approximately 66%, or 68, of respondents answered the “future vision” question in terms of the desire to see a more connected and networked regional trail system. The following wordle image represents these community members’ paraphrased and weighted responses. In general, respondents specified the general desire to connect and expand local trails, while other responses were specific to expansion locations and particular loops (see wordle image below). If interested, please contact the Executive Director of the Latah Trail Foundation ( or 208-874-3860).