Guidelines for Trail Use

The Latah Trail is part of a growing regional network of paths that are used by a variety of enthusiasts. Trail system users include bicycle commuters, recreational bicyclists, families, pedestrians, joggers and winter-time skiers and snowshoers. By following a few basic rules, the trail can be shared safely by everyone.
Trail hours are from dawn to dusk.
Non-motorized uses
No motorized vehicles allowed on the trail.
Emergency vehicles, peace officers in the discharge of their duties, and authorized Latah County Parks and Recreation vehicles are exempt from this rule.
Keep to the right side of the path, except to pass.
When traveling side-by-side, stay on the right half of the path.
Move off the pathway when stopped.
Pass others slowly and on the left.
Give an audible warning.
            Examples: "Excuse me, passing left", or use a warning device such as a bell.
Wait for a reaction before passing.
Must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length.
Must be controllable at all times.
Solid waste from pet must be removed by trail user caring for the animal.
Use lights or reflective gear in low-light conditions.
Be sure to properly adjust gear before commencing a trip.
Wear a helmet.
Two bike lengths between riders is recommended.
Trail users must yield to all motorized cross traffic.
Faster users should yield to slower users.