Thomas Carroll
Executive Director
Tom Carroll is excited to work with the Latah Trail Foundation.
He looks forward to building partnerships with individuals and groups throughout Latah County. Tom sees the Latah Trail as a fantastic asset for Latah County. The trail promotes health and recreation in the community and encourages tourism. He enjoys hiking, biking, camping, talking with people, and playing music with friends. He encourages anyone with ideas or opinions about the trail to contact him at

 Tom has enjoyed working with the Latah Trail Foundation over the last 2 years but sadly will be moving out of the area in the summer of 2017. The LTF is currently seeking his replacement.  

Latah Trail Foundation (LTF) Executive Director

Job Description

The Executive Director carries out the following major functions cooperatively with the Board of Directors:

· Directs and executes LTF activities

· Insures financial stability of LTF

· Provides leadership in: strategic and financial planning, public relations, volunteer and collaboration management

· Supports and publicizes the Latah Trail

· Builds memberships and partnerships

  • Builds momentum and organizational capacity to cultivate the LTF into a leader in recreational trail planning in the Palouse region

The Executive Director’s functions will be implemented as follows.

1) Fundraising (25%)

ED will:

a) Pursue new and renewing granting opportunities.

Performance Standards:

Maintain a calendar of grant opportunities, and submit an appropriate grant whenever possible. Research and write grant applications. Keep board apprised of grant applications. File timely reports to grantors. Develop and maintain relationships with grantors.

b) Write grants and fundraise toward organizational capacity building in order to fund a .5 FTE Executive Director.

c) Garner donor support for projects, including matching funds, collaborative projects and in-kind donations of goods and labor.

d) Organize and direct biennial dinner/auction fundraising event.

2) Member/Donor Relations (20%)

a) ED will continually pursue ways to recruit new membership and maintain and enhance existing members and donors.

Performance Standards:

This requires ingenuity and follow-through, and should be pursued using the website, social media, mailings, current-member promotions, etc. Regular membership drives and renewals are pursued on a schedule set collaboratively with the board.

· Correspond with members using mail, social media and email.

· Donations of any kind require swift acknowledgement; a “thank before you bank” policy, with a written letter that includes non-profit EIN, date, and the value of the donation.

· Keep website donor list up-to-date.

· Ensure anonymity of donors with such requests

b) Keep member database current with information about members, event support, other donations, and volunteer activities.

c) Coordinate writing and production of yearly newsletter.

d) Maintain good communication and relationships with donors and collaborators.

e) Develop and execute website and social media content.

f) Work constructively with the board to enhance member benefits and involve the membership.

3) Latah Trail Project Development and Ongoing Maintenance (20%)

ED will:

a) Undertake Latah Trail maintenance and improvement projects in conjunction with Latah County Parks and Recreation Department.

b) Maintain regular communications with Latah County Board of Commissioners, Troy Recreation District, and North Latah County Highway District.

c) Coordinate “amenity” projects, such as bench and tree dedication, and increased signage.

4) Public Relations (15%)

ED will:

a) Keep LTF in the news using press releases, submitting photos and other contacts with media, inviting the media to our events, thanking donors, radio spots, etc.

b) Answer the public’s questions in writing, on the phone, and in person. This may include providing information on State and local regulations such as cycling laws and property rights of land owners adjacent to recreational land.

c) Maintain good communication and relationships with donors and collaborators.

d) Raise awareness of the Latah Trail for both Latah County residents and visitors.

Performance Standards:

· Inform contacts and stay connected using the website, e-mail list and social media, organize events, etc. Stay in touch with other groups doing synergistic projects. Work with local and state agencies, including Idaho Transportation Dept. and Latah County to enhance bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

· Coordinate attendance at community and regional events for public relations, education, and volunteer and donor recruitment.

e) Speak to organizations (Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc.) about LTF.

f) Coordinate biennial dinner and auction fundraiser.

5) Administrative & Bookkeeping (10%)

ED will:

a) Develop and manage a budget that averages $80,000 per year.

b) Advise the board on issues pertaining to our non-profit status and our legal and financial obligations, working cooperatively with the Treasurer.

c) Ensure that LTF is meeting all legal and financial reporting and requirements, including, but not limited to, annual report to the State of Idaho, payroll taxes, sales taxes, filing the federal 990, etc.

d) Staff board meetings and functions as needed.

e) Maintain organizational content and historical record.

f) Coordinate the development of administrative and database protocols.

Performance Standards:

· Budget year starts on March 1; draft budget is presented to board in January, approved in February.

· Ensure that up-to-date income statements and balance sheets are generated for each board meeting and that bills are paid on time.

6) Organizational (10%)

ED will:

a) Manage, guide, and collaborate with the Foundation Board of Directors on current projects and strategic planning efforts.

b) Work with board members and officers to maintain an involved, active and growing board.

c) Report to the president or her/his designee on a schedule satisfactory to him/her.

d) Recruit and manage volunteers to assist with fundraising events, trail projects, and other functions as possible.